with Real-Time & Retrospective HF Ionospheric Sounding Data from Lowell DIDBase

  • Digisonde is an ionospheric radar, ionosonde, that uses high frequency (HF) radio waves for the vertical-incidence remote sounding of the ionosphere, a technology incepted by Sir Edward Appleton in the late 1920s
  • Digisonde is an acronym for Digital Ionospheric Goniometric Ionosonde
  • Digisonde belongs to a class of advanced ionosondes that evaluate angle of arrival, polarization, and Doppler frequency shift of skywave signals reflected from the ionosphere, in addition to their travel time that is conventionally used to determine range to the reflection point
  • The first Digisonde was deployed at Eglin AFB in Florida in 1969
  • 123 digisondes have been built by UMLCAR engineers as of March 2010
  • Full station list by instrument is here