with Real-Time & Retrospective HF Ionospheric Sounding Data from Lowell DIDBase

  • SAO Explorer is the flagship software tool for working with GIRO ionograms
  • Download and user-guide link:
  • SAO-X has capability of accessing ionograms and ionogram-derived data from 60+ locations in the Lowell DIDBase (via TCP/IP port 3050)
  • DIDBase is Digital Ionogram DataBase
  • 14+ million ionogram images
  • 15+ million ionogram-derived records
  • Web Portal access to ionogram images:

Common SAO Explorer Data Visualizations and Tools

  • Interactive ionogram scaling environment
  • Mouse-driven leading edge highlighter
  • ARTIST-5 autoscaling algorithm to reduce overall manual effort
  • Profile inversion algorithm NHPC
  • Visualization controls, including content selectors, data labels, and detail-on-demand context window

  • Time series of common ionospheric characteristics
  • IRI-2001 model values available for comparisons
  • Plain text export for external data analysis

  • Time history of the vertical profile of electron density
  • X axis is time, Y axis is altitude, and color is mapped to plasma density
  • Example from Millstone HIll observatory illustrates ionospheric response to a strong interplanetary shock event